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Wondering if I'm the right teacher for you? Don't take my word for it, take theirs. With thousands of positive reviews, you could say that people get what they need here, and more.

"The Wellness Business Bootcamp is the best business investment I have ever made. I have spent years doing so many courses (with few results) and this is everything you need to have a successful wellness business in one place. I am so grateful for all I have learned with Elizabeth."

— Wendy G, Lifestyle Coach

"The best investment I've ever made."

Major progress made

 Working with Elizabeth has been transformational for me and my business!

Amelie ProT, Health Coach & Hormone Expert

Elizabeth is a master at breaking down very complex topics and business concepts into easy-to-digest pieces. 

Kate Bowser, Health Coach, Hair Scientist

Kathi Springman, Author, Body Whisperer

Her online business programs are well laid out and easy to understand and implement. I highly recommend all of her programs.

Elizabeth has the passion, insights, and expertise to coach you through creating your online business. 

I've been searching for a long time to find the right online business programs to help me getting the clarity, the tools and the methodology to build the engine of my online coaching business. I've now built my sales page of my online course, my email sequence, revamp my website

She helps you feel like you can have the business you want, while not promising something that's unattainable. I've gotten more out of working with her than I have at any other time in my business. 

"The structure and incredible value of this course is a game-changer.

Ladies, Wellness Business Bootcamp will open up a whole new world for you. I once had my doubts, too, but the structure and incredible value of this course is a game-changer. It would have taken me YEARS to learn all of this on my own. This course has helped me re-focus countless times with its actionable strategies. I seriously doubt I would have had the same success in my business for the last year without this information and pure encouragement. Elizabeth helped me overcome the notorious Impostor Syndrome - arguably one of my biggest internal obstacles. I feel like my whole mindset has been elevated. Learning these business (and life!) strategies has empowered me in ways I didn't expect."


confidence increased exponentially

Impostor Syndrome Banished

that's what (they) said:

 Now that I've finished, I finally understand Wordpress and launched my blog yesterday!

Sharifa Van Gelderen, Influencer

LOVE the no-nonsense, no-fluff approach with video tutorials!

Heather Ferber, Health Coach

This course has given me the confidence that what I have to say matters.

Mary Roberts, Transformational Life and Health Coach

Be Seen Blogger helped me stop spinning my wheels and learn the best way to create posts that reach people and can be found by those who will be inspired by them. This course has given me the confidence that what I have to say matters and that it can reach others who need it most. Thank you, Liz!

Thinking about starting a blog? Then get enlightened and learn with Elizabeth Rider so you can share your inspiring messages with the world and be found in a noisy online world. This well-organized, no-nonsense, no-fluff course is loaded with valuable information that will help you get your blog set up and organized both effectively and efficiently. Wish I would have taken this course years ago!

I finished the course the day after I bought it! Now that I’ve finished, I finally understand Wordpress and launched my blog yesterday. Thank you!

We are here to uncover our talents To leave the world better than before

"In only a few short weeks I've been able to take action on things I truly couldn't envision before!

I think this course was invaluable to the future of my success. Before I started the Wellness Business Bootcamp I had a big picture vision of my wellness business but felt paralyzed by the process. I invested in a few other mini-courses but wasn't receiving the clear action items I needed.  I need someone to teach me how to run the backend of my business. After the WBB, I have a clear vision of my ideal customer, a beautiful brand board, and a new website - all of which I created myself thanks to the resources suggested. I've teased my Signature Offer and am growing my email list. My signature offer will be opening up for the first time next month."

— Liz S

More Student Successes, Rolling in Daily

Wellness Business Bootcamp gave me the actionable and specific steps I needed to bring my wellness business idea to life. Elizabeth shares her knowledge in a staightforward and easy to understand way that makes you realize, "Hey, I can do this!". This course provides so much value at a great value. Thank you Elizabeth!

I think Elizabeth's program was a fantastic summation of how to take your professional knowledge and skillsets online. I have completed several online business programs, but I feel that the Wellness Business Bootcamp thoroughly outlines the basic nuts and bolts that are necessary for a successful online business. Elizabeth speaks in a very clear, concise manner that puts one at ease and sparks passion and confidence in the mind of the listener. I highly recommend this bootcamp if you are seeking tangible tools that will take your business to the next level! 

This course really put it all together for me. I received feedback and advice from my fitness mentor, friends who have corporate jobs like myself and even my husband over the years on how to grow my business. None of their advice, even though well intended compared to the information I learned from taking the Wellness Business Bootcamp Coarse. The information is not daunting, it adds so much value and practicality to your base knowledge of growing your business. It dispels any previous myths and really boost your confidence throughout the coarse. That was one of the best parts. Elizabeth has a way of making you believe in yourself and champions your vision.

Absolutely fantastic course! I loved every bit of it from start to finish. WBB provides the perfect balance of essential information, easy to follow format and high quality content. I have no hesitation is recommending WBB to anyone else. I loved it and plan to buy more of the courses offered. Thank you VERY much Elizabeth, I am on a roll now to build my empire!

The WBB was jam packed full of action items you can implement right away. If you are a new health coach (raises hand) then this is the program for you! Elizabeth teaches you how to Brand your Business in a no-nonsense way.  I worried that it would be just another bootcamp going through the same info, but Elizabeth's clean and clear videos and worksheets make the WBB easy to follow and understand. Too many coaches throw spaghetti at you and expect it to stick. Elizabeth's way has no fluff (although it is delicious) and is easy to implement. I'm currently rebranding my website based on her ideology.

Working with Elizabeth  has changed my life forever and for the better. I am deeply thankful I found her. She is a wonderful, intelligent, warmhearted, qualified educator and coach who beautifully encourages others on their wellness business paths. She is easy to like and trust, and her training style empowers you to believe in yourself- and for good reasons too. Her tools and coursework have confidently prepared me to create a thriving, successful online business that exceeds my biggest dreams. There is no fluff in this course. All of the information has been applicable and transformative for my life and career.

Mandy Patterson

Naturopathic Doctor &
 functional medicine practitioner

Denise Van Nooten

Health Coach

Health Coach/Business Consultant &
British expat living in Marbella Spain

Health Coach in new jersey

Certified Keto Adapted Coach & Precision Nutrition Pn1 Coach

Katee Driscoll

Mind-Body Eating Coach & Yoga Teacher

Laura Guilmain

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