Hi, I'm Elizabeth

Health COACH
business mentor

I'm here to help you create the business and life you want, no matter where you start. 
My online business started over 12 years ago with a hobby recipe blog, which quickly grew to gain millions of readers and tens of thousands of email subscribers. I found my passion for teaching online and started sharing all of my business practices to help people like you have success online.

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the book deal, the millions of pageviews...

Before I started online, I was an overachiever in Corporate America building someone else’s dream. Riddled with self-doubt and the misguided belief that I had to be perfect, I didn’t know that being a health coach or making money as a blogger was even a thing. 

Fast-forward through a late-night discovery of an online health coaching program, and meeting friends who introduced me to online business, I did something that I didn’t even know was possible—I turned my blog into an internationally known brand and never looked back.

Now: I teach you what you need to know to build a profitable lifestyle brand online

I believe everyone has the ability to create a profitable online lifestyle business.

My life’s mission is to help other women create vibrant health, profitable businesses, and lives that they truly love through my websites, online classes, and free email newsletter. 

Slow mornings,
green smoothies (and french fries), good skincare,
owning your worth,
 and really great jeans.

Slow mornings,
 green smoothies (and french fries) good skincare,
 owning your worth, and really great jeans.

Fiancé, friend, daughter, stepmama, sister, book-lover, nervous writer, at-home-cook, published author, finance-enthusiast, recipe developer, thinker, and mentor are all words that describe me, but none of us are just one thing. I'm all about embracing life at any given stage, playing the devil's advocate, and giving room for growth. I believe it's ok to change, and the goal of life is to have fun. None of us get out of here alive.


Separated my business teachings from my recipe blog and launched ElizabethRiderEducation.com.
Got engaged 🖤


My first book, The Health Habit, published by Hay House. Made 80k in one month launching an online course at the height of the pandemic. Featured in Forbes for doing it.

2019 - 2020

Traveled the world. Spent time in NYC, Costa Rica & Bali. All while running my online business. Decided to settle down in Seattle.

2017 - 2018

Got divorced. Life crumbled around me, but my online business had a solid foundation and saved me financially and personally.


Made my first $50k in a year selling an online program. Started to believe this online business thing is a thing.


My first website, WholeEatingBlog, launched, which turned into WholeLivingBlog, which later turned into ElizabethRider.com.





Paris With My Love

coffee & flowers

Seeing the world with my people

Listening to other people's World Views

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